The Original Customs 1911 longblock is a great engine option for people who don't have a core 2.0 or want a slightly cheaper build. The 1911 combo utilizes a short 66mm stroke crank with large bore pistons and cylinders. This combination with the recommended components will actually outperform a stock 914 2.0 engine across the board, peaking with about 92 HP compared to the stock 86 HP. Or, for a more traditional oriented engine, stock 2.0 D-Jet can be utilized with this engine for stock performance.

Here's what's included in each longblock:

  • Rebuilt set of crank and rods.
  • Fully balanced rotating assembly that has been balance one step above what's normally available in his kits.
  • New pistons, rings, and cylinders.
  • Fully rebuilt heads with all new parts that are modified by Jake (new special seats, new special guides, new valves, new springs, new retainers, new keepers, any cracks repaired).
  • New hardware kit.
  • New cam and Jake's custom lifters.
  • Custom cut ChroMoly pushrods.
  • New clutch disk and pressure plate.
  • New thread in galley plugs.
  • Stock rocker arms.
  • Solid rocker arm spacers.

As you can see this is a fully rebuilt motor with no cheap/used parts. We receive the heads you provide to us (1.8 heads work fine, 2.0 make more power but aren't necessary) and have them inspected for cracks and re-welded as necessary. Brand new, custom valve seats are then installed in such a way as to nearly eliminate the dropped valve seat problem that has plagued the Type IV. Jake's custom valve guides are pushed into place and the remaining brand new pieces are installed. What you're left with is a head that you can truly say has been fully rebuilt. The case you provide is inspected for wear, cleaned and tapped for galley plugs. The engine is assembled with the same assembly lube and sealant that Jake uses on his engines to keep them from leaking. After a quick run in to make sure everything is broken in and there are no oil leaks, the engine is loaded on a pallet and shipped to your door.

The major cost advantage of this motor is that it utilizes more common parts than the 2056 which allows us to build these engines with no core necessary. This engine is built to the same quality standards as every other motor we build and with the same quality of parts. But because the crank and rods are so plentiful, we have no need of replacements.

We have a few recommendations about what to use once you receive your longblock. This engine can be built to work with D-Jet or L-Jet stock injection with minor modifications. The stock injection is not preferred because it restricts the cam and reduces power. Carburetors or aftermarket fuel injection are the preferred setup and we can help you with either setup. Similarly, stock distributors can be used, but a Mallory aftermarket distributor is preferred for power. On the exhaust side of things, most any exhaust system will bolt up, but for 914s SSI 2.0 heat exchangers are preferred and for rear engined conversions Jake's economy header is the choice. There are headers options that can increase power as much as 15%. For details, please visit Tangerine Racing.

Please contact us for questions or details: Email or 707-738-5686.