Original Customs is an official builder of Aircooled Technology engine kits. Building a limited selection of Jake Raby's smaller displacement engine kits allows us to keep our engines at the lower end of the price range for the budget minded buyer. Currently we have two engines available: a short stroke 1911 and a larger 125 hp 2056. Both of these high-quality engines has plenty of torque to get your Porsche 914 or VW conversion moving.

Original Customs has also utilized the community developed MegaSquirt fuel injection to offer a cost effective induction system for our engines. Because we focus on two particular engine combinations we are able to offer dyno tuned fuel maps for smooth powerful operation without the hassle of having to tune an engine yourself.

Aircooled Technology has also chosen Original Customs as a distributor for their DTM cooling system. This system is the most efficient cooling system for the Type IV engine. Specifically designed to cool each cylinder equally as well as to meet the specific needs of various conversions. Regardless of whether your engine is for a 356, 912, Beetle, Ghia, Bus or 914, we can provide you with the best cooling solution for your application.

All engines are delivered in longblock form which means, there there is no cooling tin, no exhaust, no intake, and no distributor. These components must be installed by you, but we will assist with any of these steps of the process. We do offer turn key motors for those who are interested, as well as installation for customers able to deliver their car to Original Customs.

Please contact us for questions or details: Email or 707-738-5686.