This engine is a huge step up from a stock Type IV or Type I engine. Putting out 125 hp and pulling strong all the way up to 5500 RPMs. Sure there are larger displacement motors out there, but this engine will not disappoint. This engine makes 40 HP at 2000 RPMs, 65 HP around 3000 RPMS and just keeps climbing from there.

Here's what's included in each longblock, click to see an image:
As you can see this is a fully rebuilt motor with no cheap/used parts. We receive the heads you provide to us (1.8 heads work fine, 2.0 make more power but aren't necessary) and have them inspected for cracks and re-welded as necessary. Brand new, custom valve seats are then installed in such a way as to nearly eliminate the dropped valve seat problem that has plagued the Type IV. Jake's custom valve guides are pushed into place and the remaining brand new pieces are installed. What you're left with is a head that you can truly say has been fully rebuilt. The case you provide is inspected for wear, cleaned and tapped for galley plugs. The engine is assembled with the same assembly lube and sealant that Jake uses on his engines to keep them from leaking. After a quick run in to make sure everything is broken in and there are no oil leaks, the engine is loaded on a pallet and shipped to your door.

In order to keep these kits affordable, we need your old engine pieces to rebuild for future customers. The simplest way to handle this is to ship your complete core motor to us. If you prefer, we can accept the core piece by piece. The core charge applies to the following list of items: a resurface-able, un-rusted flywheel, a 2.0 crank, a set of 2.0 rods, a cooling fan with NO broken fins, and set of 1.7 style rocker arms (13 mm adjuster nut). Note that most 2.0 engines will have the worthless large-screw rocker arms. A set of 1.7 rocker arms must be sourced because the 1.7 rockers can accept the much preferred 911 swivel feet adjusters.

We have a few recommendations about what to use once you receive your longblock. This engine can be built to work with D-Jet or L-Jet stock injection with minor modifications. The stock injection is not preferred because it restricts the cam and reduces power. Carburetors or aftermarket fuel injection are the preferred setup and we can help you with either setup. Similarly, stock distributors can be used, but a Mallory aftermarket distributor is preferred for power. On the exhaust side of things, most any exhaust system will bolt up, but for 914s SSI 2.0 heat exchangers are preferred and for rear engined conversions Jake's economy header is the choice. There are headers options that can increase power as much as 15%. For details, please visit Tangerine Racing.

Please contact us for questions or details: Email or 707-738-5686.