Aircooled Technology DTM Cooling System
Original Customs is proud to offer the Aircooled Technology DTM Cooling System for all our motors. This upright cooling system has been designed by Jake with the single purpose of being the best, most efficient, most reliable, and most evenly cooling system in the Type IV market. And like everything Jake has done, this has been a raging success. Three words sum it up, nothing else compares. Please visit Jake's great site, Massive Type IV to learn more, first hand, about this great product.

Original Customs only offers the complete Stage 4 DTM kit installed on our engines. The Stage 4 kit is the most complete kit, so if you're looking for a turn key motor, it's the only one worth considering.

Stage 4 DTM Kit
  • one piece fiberglass shroud with oil cooler housing
  • alternator / generator stand
  • mount bar with hardware
  • air hose
  • throttle tube
  • two 2" clamps
  • fan belt
  • two oil cooler adapters with hardware, seals, & fittings
  • case mounting plate installed
  • modified crankshaft pulley
  • linkage adapters
  • Type IV step by step conversion video-please specify VHS or DVD format.
  • spring and tabs for oil cooler installed
  • paper templates for air sealing kit upon request
  • rivets (24)
  • riv nuts with bolts (8)
  • aluminum tabs (4)
  • 40" sealing grommet
  • Front shroud supports with riv nuts and hardware.
  • Detailed instructions for fitting.
  • CNC waterjet cut 2 front tins
  • CNC waterjet cut 2 rear tins
  • CNC waterjet cut 2 side tins
  • CNC waterjet cut 1 tab to attach rear tin to engine case
  • Type 1 generator/alternator pulley
  • New Bosch AL-82X alternator
  • Alternator backing plate
  • Fan hub assembly with hardware
  • Type 1 "doghouse" OEM cooling fan

Stage 4 DTM Cooling System$1117

Please contact us for questions or details: Email or 707-738-5686.